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Production Technology was founded in 1998.

Our company's original focus was to provide maintenance services for users of electronic production equipment throughout the UK. Now over 14 years later we provide these same services together with second user equipment sales, new machine sales and equipment for rental, both within the UK and internationally for PCB assembly companies, the wire and cable processing industry and for all users of Industrial Automation.

Wire and cable preparation

Specialising in but not limited to the following equipment manufacturers;

Komax - Schleuniger - Schafer - Dynalab - Ulmer Artos - Carpenter - GLW - Tekuwa - Ewbanks - Makfil Mecal - Wirmec - Loepfe - Rittmeyer Z+F

Everything from small bench top cut/strip machines to the very complex harness making machines with IDC, Wire Sequencing, and Block loading. Our level of experience is vast when it comes to the wiring product range, for both application evaluation and machine technical knowledge.
Ancillary equipment is also covered providing a complete customer service solution. This includes ; Crimp force analysers, Crimping Presses, Wire Marking Systems, De-Reelers and much more.
Bench crimping presses, stripper crimper machines, and fully automated cut strip and terminate systems. However small or large your equipment inventory is we are happy to include this within our service profile for you.

PCB Assembly

Production Technology Ltd provides first class on-site customer support for all makes of PCB reflow systems and wave soldering machines, Contact Systems (Versatec) SMT and through hole placement machines. We can provide thermal profiling services and profiling equipment too.

If you require planned scheduled maintenance for your PCB assembly equipment then give us a call to discuss your Preventative maintenance requirements.

Industrial Automation

In addition to the services listed above we also provide support and service for users of industrial Automation - Conveyor systems, PLC controls, Motor drives, Robotics, packaging machines etc.....

If you require the services of a highly experienced engineering team to look after your factory Automation then look no further. Production Technology have the experience and support partners in place to deliver maintenance and repairs on time every time.