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Reprint AVX400 Stencil printer technical specifications

Stacks Image 1101

Maximum board size

Minimum board size

Maximum board thickness

Maximum board weight

Registration accuracy

Print area

Maximum print stroke

Standard stencil frame size

Squeegee pressure

Print speed

Conveyor belts

Throughput time

Up and down line protocol

User interface

Interface control

Air supply required

Operational modes

Vision System;

View capability



420 x 360mm

50 x 25mm

5mm inc warpage tolerance

0.5 kg

+/- 10 microns

420 x 350mm


508 x 508 x 25mm

0 - 15kg

5 - 170mm/sec

2.0mm 'O' section polyethylene (3.0mm optional)

20 seconds excluding print time

SMEMA (Alternative interfaces can be specified)

Microsoft Windows 3.1 or 95

Light pen and keyboard

5 bar clean air.

Print/print, print/flood, flood/print, on contact, 1 or 2 deposits

Vision System;

350 x 410mm

Single roving module (look up/look down capacity)

Any standard shape printed pad or dedicated fiducials half-etched in stencil depending on mode of operation