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Spectrum R29 Technical specifications

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Small Foot Print

Maximum Print Area

Minimum Print Area

Maximum Board Size

Maximum Board Thickness

Minimum Board Thickness

Registration Repeatability

Pneumatic Stencil Clamping

Stencil Load, Positioning and Ejection

Board Clamping


Operating System

User Interface Program

Print Speed

Snap off Speed

Printing Pressures

Stencil Frame Size

FMI Interface Protocol

Transfer Height

Cycle Time

Operational Modes

Air Supply

2 Self-Leveling, Independant Squeegees

Squeegee Type

Squeegee Widths

Maximum Underside Component Clearance

X/Y Stencil Alignment Range

Radial Stencil Alignment

Print Gap

Product File Storage

Conveyor Type

Board Movement

Conveyor Belts

Conveyor Orientation

Power Supply

Power Consumption

Interface Control
1020mm x 1200mm x 1480mm

608mm x 540mm

50mm x 25mm

608mm x 540mm



+/- 10 microns


Fully automatic with manual override

Pull down foil clamps with optional vacuum

Manual, Vacuum and Automatic options available (see options list

Microsoft Windows XP

Bespoke REPRINT Software

1 - 200mm/sec (1mm/sec increments)

0.1 - 20mm/sec (0.1mm/sec increments)

0 - 20kgs (0.1kgs increments)

736mm x 736mm up to 736mm x 812mm (external)

Smema as standard (others available on request)

850mm - 950mm (Smema standard)

Less than 15 seconds, excluding print stroke

Print/Print, Flood/Print, Print/Flood 1 or 2 deposits.

5 bar clean air


Metal or Polyurethane

150mm to 620mm

Up to 40mm

+/- 10mm

+/- 4 deg

Up to 25mm depending on tooling

Unlimited, File backup system as standard

Single stage, pass through

Left to Right, R to L, R to R, L to L

3mm 'O' section polyurethane

Front dedicated (Rear rail dedication optional)

110 - 250Vac 60/50hz

Power Consumption 500W

Monitor and Keyboard