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Wirmec AM400 Quattro

AM400 Quattro is the ultimate expression of technology combined with Italian design. It is proposed as automatic cutting and stripping and crimping machine that can be equipped with up to five stations. It's projected for processing very small wire cross sections and very short wire length. Presents itself as machine as very simply and easy to use.

AM 400 Brochure PDF (Requires Adobe Reader) Download


Technical Specifications

Cross section

0.13 - 4mmq (6mmq optional)

Wire length25mm crimp on side 1

Wire length40mm crimp both side

Strip length1 - 15mm

Speed feeder8m/s

Power supply400V 50/60Hz 9kVA

Air supply6 - 7bar


Noise level75dB

DimensionsL3000 x W1400 x H2000mm