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Our cabinets are used in a wide variety of applications involving moisture removal and dry storage. The main industry sector installing Mekko's cabinets is the electronics assembly industry, where components and substrates must be protected from the damaging effects of moisture.

Allows compliance with IPC/JEDEC J-STD-033,
which details recommendations for handling, packing, shipping and use of moisture/reflow sensitive surface mount devices.
If moisture is absorbed from the environment by surface mounted components, and then the components are exposed to high temperatures, as in solder reflow ovens(convection, infrared, IR/convection, vapour phase, hot air rework tools), then the absorbed moisture will expand rapidly, causing internal device stress. The resulting stress can cause internal or external cracking, delamination, and internal corrosion.

Eliminate "popcorning" and micro-cracking of ICs and BGAs during reflow by using Active Desiccant component drying and storage, rather than baking.

Drying out the components resets the "floor life" clock.

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Maximum 10 removable sliding shelves
1 door, table-top cabinet
Capacity ca. 250 litre
Dim: 775(H) x 700(W) x 750(D)

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Maximum 30 removable sliding shelves
3 doors, floor standing cabinet
Capacity ca. 750 litre
Dim 1770(H) x 700(W) x 750(D)

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Maximum 20 removable sliding shelves
2 doors, floor standing cabinet
Capacity ca. 450 litre
Dim: 1245(H) x 700(W) x 750(D)

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Active desiccant cabinets offer the best solution for storage and drying

Only costs: The cabinet and electricity.
There is no need for any extra consumables or services to operate the unit.
Running costs are only around 75,00 Euro/year.
Our cabinets are equipped with a new desiccant rotor system incorporating our own "MTX-Flow" technology. This new development is more efficient and faster reacting than our competitors. This unit is installed inside the cabinet to keep the internal humidity between 1% and 3%RH. 

Less complicated than baking: Reduces oxidation.
Can use low temperature packaging.
Suitable for compliance with IPC/JEDEC standard J-STD-033C.
Meter for internal humidity and temperature included.
Closed loop control of internal humidity.
No "off" time. The desiccant will always be absorbing moisture.
Continually regenerating molecular sieve desiccant.
Fast recovery time after a door is opened (2 minutes).
Very accurate humidity display +/-1%RH (Normally only +/-3%RH with our competitors!)
No need for moisture barrier bags, nitrogen, compressed air.
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Maximum 60 removable sliding shelves
6 doors
Capacity ca. 1300 litre
Dim: 1770(H) x 1400(W) x 620(D)