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4" Wide Label Printer

  The Label Printer prints bar code labels directly from any Tester. This printer connects to one of the Tester's RS-232 serial ports allowing for easy integration into the system. Uses a ribbon to transfer the image to the label. This image will last over time. The prices below include a cable for connecting the printer to the Tester.

Report Printer

The Dynalab Report Printer creates custom error reports for quality control assurance. This printer connects to one of the Tester's RS-232 serial ports allowing for easy integration into the system. The reports created can include the following detailed information: product part number, revision level, sequential production number, date stamp, Tester ID, and a complete list of all failures found by the Dynalab Tester. The printer is supplied with the necessary cabling to connect to the Tester.

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Labels and Ribbons

  Dynalab also provides other common label sizes and can also produce custom labels, please call for a quote.

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NX Operator Key

  All NX Testers are equipped with a key slot on the front panel, designed to accept security keys.   The Operator Key may be used to satisfy a test program's requirement that an operator be present to continue. The Operator Key contains data storage areas that can be programmed, using the NX Key Programmer, to contain the Operator's ID and other useful data.

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NX Key Programmer

  The NX Key Programmer is used to program data on Supervisor Keys or Operator Keys. The NX Key Programmer connects to a computer's serial port and communicates with the NX Key Utility software to program up to 4 fields of data on any key. The NX Key Utility is distributed with the NX Editor. Information such as employee ID, department number, or employee name can be programmed on the key. The NX Tester can be programmed to read this data at the desired time in the test process.

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Extended Display

  At times, it may be necessary to view NX Tester messages from a distance. Even though each NX Tester is equipped with an effective and legible display, the standard character height may not be suitable for viewing from a distance. The Extended Display solves this problem. The Extended Display provides a means of making important NX Tester messages visible from a distance. The Extended Display provides 2 lines of character information. Each line displays 20 characters, each character is 0.7 inches high and is displayed using bright red LEDs. This results in a display that can be easily viewed at a significant distance from the NX Tester.

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Control Port Module

  The Control Port Module simplifies external device control. When connected to a Dynalab Tester, this device provides isolated, high-power switching capabilities for activation of locking fixtures or other devices. The Control Port can be automatically activated at a specific time in the workflow (i.e., after all tests have passed) or when the Supervisor Security Key is inserted.

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Multiport Unit

  The Multiport Unit connects several Control Port Modules to an NX Tester. Multiport units are available in 8, 16, or 24 port configurations. The front side of the Multiport Unit has the control ports for connection to Control Port Modules. Each Control Port Module connects to the Multiport Unit using standard telephone modular cable (supplied with the Control Port Module). The rear side of the unit is equipped with a serial port for connection to one of the NX Tester's serial ports.

5-1065......8 Port Multiport Unit

5-1066......16 Port Multiport Unit

5-1067......24 Port Multiport Unit

Power Supply
  DC Power Supply for powering customer supplied devices. The unit is a wall mount, unregulated, 12VDC (~18VDC no load), 800mA supply.
5-1062......12V Power Supply

Relay Testing Power Supply Assembly
  The Relay Testing Power Supply is a floating supply, providing a 12VDC isolated output that is designed specifically for testing relays.
5-1063......Relay Testing Power Supply

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Communications Board

  The optional Communications Board provides two additional Serial Ports. This is useful for applications that must support more than two serial devices, such as a printer, bar code scanner, Multiport Unit, and Extended Display. Additionally, the Communications Board provides a Network Port that will support the NX Network Solution.

5-4011......Communications Board

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Calibration Verification Device

  The Calibration Verification Device is used to verify that the NX Tester is properly calibrated. It verifies the tester's resistance and capacitance measuring performance. It also verifies that the tester's voltage reference is within a specified range to assure accuracy.
The results of the calibration verification will be summarised on the NX Tester's display - including the date, serial number of the Calibration Verification Device, and whether it passed or failed. The results can also be transferred to the NX Memory Card. The Calibration Report File can then be transferred to a PC, where it can be viewed with a web browser as well as printed. Review the detailed Calibration Verification Device application note for more information. Dynalab Testers are calibrated right before they are shipped to customers. Dynalab's recommended calibration verification interval is one year.

5-1040......Calibration Verification Device

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LED Driver Board Assembly

  The LED Driver Board illuminates LEDs mounted on a build fixture to aid the operator during assembly. The LED Driver Board and NX Editor Software can be configured to illuminate one LED for each fixture block. When the NX Tester displays an error, the LED on each fixture block associated with the error condition is illuminated.
An LED Driver Board is capable of lighting 128 LEDs. Up to eight of these boards may be linked for a total capability to light 1024 LEDs.
The LED Driver Board is provided as part of an assembly that consists of the following components:
· LED Driver Board.
· Cable to connect to the Multiport Unit.
· Interface cabling (8’ long) to connect to 32 LEDs.
· Plastic Enclosure.
The LED Driver Board Requires:
· Modified Multiport Unit, 5-1065L (not Included)
· If more than two LEDs are required to be illuminated simultaneously, an external power supply (5.0V, 2AMPS, VDC) is required (not included)
· LEDs (not included)

5-1204......LED Driver Board