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NX Editor Software

The NX Editor is used to develop test programs for all NX Testers. The NX Editor uses no command language, but instead employs a powerful and easy to use flow charting tool for test program development. Describing the wire harness connections is done with simple entries in a connections table.
  Test programs are transferred to the NX Tester using the NX Memory Card or by downloading via a serial port connection from the PC. Once the program is transferred to the NX Tester, it runs stand-alone with no need to maintain a PC connection.   The NX Editor uses the actual attributes of the harness components (connector names, wire names, wire colours). This enables the NX Tester to display meaningful information when an error is encountered, allowing the operator to quickly and easily locate the problem.   The NX Editor is only compatible with Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Vista operating systems.

5-5001......NX Editor Software (includes Download Cable)

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NX Memory Card

  The NX Memory Card stores test programs created with the NX Editor. The card can store 170 programs, and is used to transfer programs from a PC to an NX Tester, or from one NX Tester to another.
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Memory Card Reader/Writer

  The Memory Card Reader/Writer is used to transfer NX Editor program files from a PC to the NX Memory Card via a USB interface.
5-1012......Memory Card Reader/Writer

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NX Supervisor Key

  All NX Testers are equipped with a key slot on the front panel, designed to accept security keys.   The Supervisor Key unlocks access to Setup Menus, allows program termination, and activates the control port. The Supervisor Key may also be used to satisfy a test program's requirement that a supervisor be present to continue. The Supervisor Key contains data storage areas that can be programmed, using the NX Key Programmer, to contain the Supervisor's ID and other useful data.
5-1031......Supervisor Key