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NX Pro Test System
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Low Voltage Tester Specifications

80 character, 4 line vacuum fluorescent display
Simple 4-button user interface
Testing for continuity, shorts, diodes, resistors, capacitors, and others.
High speed shorts testing
Precision resistance measurements
Continuous high speed scanning for real time complete status information of harness assembly progress
Keyed security access and control
Built for rough industrial environments
2 serial ports for connection to printers and scanners
Standalone operation
Uses a high capacity memory card
Tests up to 512 test points

NX Tester Brochure PDF (Requires Adobe Reader) Download

NX Pro Tester

  The Dynalab NX Pro Tester is a low-cost, feature-packed, stand-alone continuity tester designed to accept up to four Test Point Boards giving it a maximum capability of 512 test points. The flexibility of the NX System allows each program to perform multiple tests, display custom messages or sounds, and analyze the results of a test or an input to "decide" which operation to perform next.
The NX Pro Tester has 1.3Mb memory capacity for program storage and is compatible with Printers, Scanners, and all other Dynalab NX System accessories.